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We are primarily looking for sponsorship to support GPU compute needs of Indic Chat. We accept sponsorship in many forms like cloud credits, cash, GPUs etc.

Why Indic Chat?

  1. Accessibility: Most open-source Indic languages models are available only on HuggingFace. While it’s possible for the model developers to use & build upon it, it’s out of reach from common users. Additionally, developers get better insights by using their models in a clean UI.

  2. Alignment & Inclusion of Indian context: Indic developers are building models based out of datasets that are mostly translated from English to Indic languages. These dataset lack Indian context, additionally the translation models often contain formal text which requires further simplification. We collect real world user data from the indic-chat-ui & share it with open source community to solve this.

  3. Leaderboard: There’s yet no solid leaderboard available for the Indic community to rely on. We plan to expand Indic Chat as a chatbot arena where users can vote for the best model response, eventually helping in creating Indic leaderboard rankings.